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Legal Notice

You are currently connected to the holiday reservations sites Ski France and Summer France of the company Madame Vacances based in France, Chambery.

As required by law, we provide here the terms and conditions of use, as well as any specific conditions relating to your use of the website and . These terms and conditions include legal rights and responsibilities applicable whenever you use these websites.

Publisher details

This site is published by :
Ski France


Editor informations

- Address: 48 Bathurst Mews London ENGLAND W2 2SB

- Business registration number: 03880065

- Intra-communal VAT: 774261126

Use of the site

This site is free to access (besides any charge for connection) for personal use, subject to respect of the terms and conditions set out below. Your use of the site implies full acceptation of the conditions of use.

You may only use this website if you are over the age of 18 and able to sign contracts engaging your responsibility. (Use of our website by minors is forbidden). You will be financially responsible for your use of the website.

You may only use the website to make legitimate bookings and purchases. This site is designed for holiday reservations and no use for other ends is authorised, in particular ends contrary to public order laws or good moral standards.

If the present conditions are not respected, we reserve the right to forbid or restrict access to all or part of the site at any time and without warning, without any financial obligation or compensation.

Online reservation

Before using the online reservation system in place on the site, please ensure that you have read the terms and conditions of sale for the website.

Data protection

You will be required to provide personal details in the following cases:

- when making a booking on the website

- when requesting to be informed of our special offers, deals, or other information, when signing up to the website or to the newsletter, or when participating in a competition

- when participating in surveys or contacting us with a question or problem of some kind.

It is your responsibility to check that all information you provide is complete and correct. In order to avoid potential problems with your booking or inscription please inform us immediately of any changes to information provided at the time of booking.

In accordance with the French law (n°78-17, 6th January 1978) regarding data protection, this site and treatment of all personal data are subject to declaration to the French authority CNIL (Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés).

Ski France manages and handles with utmost confidentiality all personal data.

This information is used internally for administrative and commercial purposes in order to handle your booking or to personalise the content of our offers and any other written information we send you. Any additional information we request that has no direct bearing on the handling of your booking will be clearly marked as optional and you will not have to provide the information in order to proceed to the next step or page.

According to French Data Protection laws, you have the right to access, rectify and oppose any information about yourself. In order to do this, simply ask us and there will be no other charge other than the ones linked to your request:

- contact us online at

- by post, clearly stating your full name and address to:

Madame Vacances

472 Rue de la Leysse

73000 Chambéry


- Or by email to the data protection officer Coralie Bertojo at the address:

Through us, you can receive offers from our partner companies or be directly informed of any partner offers by Ski France. Should you not wish to receive either, simply contact us in either of the 2 ways stated above, clearly indicating your name and address.

Author rights/copyright

The contents and the rights of this site are protected by rights of the author, the brand name, the database and all other rights regarding intellectual property. You can view the contents on a computer screen, print out information, or save pages electronically onto a disc, (but not onto a server or a peripheral backup connected to a network), for personal use only, within your family, and not for business use.

Limits of responsibility and exclusions

Madame Vacances takes great care to ensure the accuracy of the information on the website, in particular, with regards to the specifications of the products and the prices and to maintain and the site on a regular basis. However, incorrect information or omission of information may occur in the instance of typing errors or page layout. Should you notice any errors, please inform us so that we can rectify them accordingly.

Madame Vacances reserves the right to modify any element of the website at the company’s discretion. According to its policy, Madame Vacances can decide to modify the current terms and conditions.

All dated information published on the website is valid for the specified dates only. Madame Vacances reserves the right to end a specific offer or all offers on the internet without warning.

Furthermore, should offers of information, services or products be made on the site by a person in an area where the provision of such information or products is forbidden by law, this will not constitute any grounds for any form of action or appeal.

Madame Vacances cannot guarantee uninterrupted access to the website or error free content. The service may be interrupted due to site maintenance or repairs or following technical problems or general disturbance of internet use or other unforeseen circumstances.

Equally, Madame Vacances is not responsible for delays, difficulties in using the site or any incompatibility between the current website and your browser or any other programme used to access to the site.

Madame Vacances will not, under any circumstances, be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage as a result of a virus transmitted via our site that originates from a third party and is susceptible of infecting your computer system as a result of your online connection to or use of the Madame Vacances website. Furthermore, Madame Vacances will not be held responsible for any technical or material damage (including, but not limited to, technical failure, disclosure of confidential documents, loss of data), nor for any other indirect damage resulting from or linked to the use of the website.


To guarantee your security and to ensure a better level of confidentiality, our website uses the encryption protocol SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

During the transfer of information over the internet, your bank card number and the information gathered from forms you fill in will automatically be encrypted.

The SSL encryption system (Secure Socket Layer), allows the automatic encryption of information before it is transferred onto the network. Once on our server, the information will be decoded using a unique SSL key which will allow your browser to establish an online connection with our website and transparently establish a secure communication channel. Created by Netscape, SSL is today the most widely used and one of the best solutions for securing online transactions.


If you subscribe to the newsletter on our website we will email you with information that we think will interest you. This free newsletter is first and foremost an informative document. It contains information that will help you to better use our website and will inform you of any new events, offers and promotions. In order to further meet our clients’ needs, we count the amount of clicks on the links included in the newsletter. If you would like to cancel your subscription you can do so at any time by clicking on the relevant link found at the bottom of the page.

Competitions and games

Ski France occasionally organises competitions, free games and promotions on the website. These will be governed by specific rules and regulations that will be published as and when the events are organised.

Applicable laws

These current terms and conditions are governed by and interpreted according to French law.

General clauses

Any suspension or changing of the rights specified in the current terms and conditions is strictly forbidden.

If, for any reason, an expert jurisdiction were to deem one of the current terms invalid, this would not in any way affect the other terms and conditions, and these would remain applicable.

In the case where one of the parties has not requested the application of one of the terms of the present contract, whether this be temporarily or permanently, this will not be considered a reason for renunciation of this right or action.